Yoga & Surf

Yoga helps to give you a leg up when you’re on the board.

Yoga and surfing are a match made in heaven.

Both require strength, flexibility, and a lot of balance, and keep their students looking and feeling strong and full of life. The better you feel, the more time and energy you have to use in the water. The more time in the water, the better you get at surfing.

Win win. 

Yoga poses can be isolated to focus on the key areas needed for surf; strengthening the shoulders and upper back for paddling, focusing on core muscles and the legs to help when standing up, and increasing flexibility of the spine.

It’s great for building stamina and mental focus as yoga helps to relax the mind and build an awareness of the body, creating movement on the breathe to encourage ease and fluidity, and release tension from sore muscles which can help to increase recovery time, and faster recovery time means more efficient time in the water. Additionally, the breathing techniques used in yoga can be beneficial in alleviating fear so you feel more comfortable and in control while being held under the waves.

We run daily yoga classes that are perfect for you if you are new to yoga or have only recently started practising.

Give it a go while you stay at SAFA.