Surf Coaching

Here at Safa Surf Camp, we have the best consistent waves that will fulfil all levels of surfers from beginners to advanced. We have nine different surf locations on our doorstep to choose from. You can always find a spot to satisfy your wave crave such as Whiskey Point, Peanut Farm, Elephant Rock and many more.

You’ll be taught by the hand picked team of excellent, local surf instructors. You can participate in two guided sessions every day, 7 days a week, taking current tide, swell and wind conditions into account. The surf sessions are broken up daily by 1 hour of yoga to that helps you to strengthen and stretch some of the main muscle groups you use while surfing. You will be grouped into teams of three students per one surf instructor, depending on your level. This is a great system as it allows beginners to learn more diligently and to ask as many questions as they desire, while also giving the intermediate and advanced surfers more freedom to develop their skills. This way, everyone can catch their waves!

Our guides are ISA (International Surfing Association) Level 1 and 2 certified and have many years of experience reading and riding the waves in the beautiful East Coast of Sri Lanka. They know the perfect spots for avoiding the crowded areas to get the most out of your water time. They are on hand to make your experience at Safa Surf Camp as enjoyable as it can be. Come just us to make some unforgettable memories!

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